My journey started on a lovely warm September morning in 2020, I remember it well as I felt so incredible full of energy that day. On that September morning I picked up pencil and paper for the first time and started drawing. Over the next 7 months I drew late at night, early in the morning and whenever I had the time...little did I realise where my newfound passion would take me and there were many moments where I wondered where it all came from...and then I had an incredibly vivid dream, where I received the gift of a seed 
that would bring love and peace.

'The Walk' is my journey of planting this seed...
and I send an invitation out to all...

Will you walk with me, to plant a seed, 
of love and peace?

The Walk

I had an incredibly vivid dream...


I dreamt that I was presented with a gift.

The gift was a seed in the shape

of a small egg, decorated beautifully in

shades of dark blue, peacock green and

gold, the colours mixing together like swirls

of a galaxy.


I remember being told:

"This seed will bring love and peace."


When I awoke, my first thought was:

'I think I am meant to plant this seed...'


So here I am...planting...

with hope that love and peace will grow.

The Walk - an Art Installation, August 2021, Bedham Woods

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With honesty and love I embark

on a journey...


It is not an easy one at times,

and there are moments where I feel vulnerable...


but my hands are open to receive,

my heart is open to experience,

and my mind is content with the knowledge

that I have free will over my choices and


I feel limitless and I'm remembering who I am.


I AM on a walk,

to plant a seed,

of love and peace...


Will you walk with me?